If you're frustrated with trains, you're not alone. Have you ever wondered why they do what they do? Amidst the horns, bright headlights and blocked crossings there are some solutions.

Dangtrains is dedicated to assisting cities, towns, counties and other community organizations in their efforts to minimize negative impacts associated with trains that travel in their location. There are actually many methods that can lessen many of the most common train problems.

The owner of this site provides a unique background having worked for over 15 years in government management directly involved in budgeting and public service, as well as working for over 10 years for a Class I railroad with direct experience involving the impact that trains can have on communities.

While Dangtrains utilizes Quiet Zones as one of its tools, it focuses on less expensive solutions in its efforts to mitigate problems associated with railroads.

If those dang trains frustrate you, you're not alone. We're here to help.